Prayer for Slave Lake, AB

Posted by my colleague and friend Rev. Kyle Norman at Holy Cross, Calgary. 


We encourage all to spend a moment and offer this prayer for the people of Slave Lake.

Almighty God,
You who bring order out of chaos, peace out of destruction, life out of death; we lift to you all our brothers and sisters in Slave Lake.  We pray for those who have lost the buidlings important in their lives; churches, offices, schools and homes.  Be with them as they mourn these losses, and provide them with an outporing of your peace, and your hope.  In your power may you secure a  future for them.

  We pray for all the children of Slave Lake, who do not understand the events taking place.  Protect their innocence.  Give to  them the continual ability to find joy and laughter.  In your love, may you gift them with the ability to play and have fun.

  O God, we pray that you provide a way for the people of Slave Lake to return to their homes as quickly as possible.  Be with those who work dilegently for the ending of the fire, and the rebuilding of all that has been destoryed.  Draw together all people with your deep compassion, and inspire us to help in athe ways for which you call us.

  This we pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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