Fun and Games

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On Saturday, September 17, 9 am to 3 pm, Vestry will be holding a Leadership Retreat.  The property and buildings of St Luke’s will certainly be discussed, but we would like to focus on clarifying the vision of St Luke’s, identifying opportunities for growth and determining what we need to do to move ahead. This is also intended to be a team building exercise for Vestry to help develop focused leadership.

We are blessed that we have the talent and dedication of so many and we would like to invite you to send us your ideas and suggestions.  There may be space for one or two more participants. If you would like to attend please let the office know.


Friday, September 30 – Sounds of St. Luke’s Variety Show and Time and Talent Silent Auction

Wanting to contribute but not sure what you can contribute? The auction is all about celebrating the gifts that God has given us to share with one another. Do you like jam making, or knitting, or woodworking, or card making, etc.? Do you paint pictures or create bronze sculptures? Why not donate some of your handiwork. 

Are there services you might be willing to offer? Dog walking, baby sitting, sidewalk shoveling, oil changing, chauffeuring, tax preparation, gourmet dinners, silver polishing… The possibilities are as numerous as the gifts we possess. If you can offer it, we can put it on a certificate, and chances are pretty good that someone will buy it.


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