Meditations for Lent

From “Ashes to Hope” by John Windell

When I was a teenager my grandparents’ house burned to the ground. I watched it burn. It happened so quickly. It was devastating. Noe one could control the fire. The heat, the flames, my grandmother’s cries, my grandfather’s cracking voice, All this is forever etched in my mind.

The next day my grandparents stood in the burned-out house, just looking and remembering. A liftime of memories. A family had grown up in that house. Now nothing was left. Just ashes. The things that wouldn’t burn had melted.

My grandparents decided to rebuild. The next year a new hom graced the farm landscape, on the location of the old hous. But it wasn’t the same house–it was better.

Lent is a time to remember the old and make room for the new. We remember the inadequacies, and the incompleteness. We think about our imperfections and sin. We think about uncertainties and fears. We remember confession and repentance. We also remember that God has a plan for us that reaches beyond this earthly existence and beyond our comprehension.

Lent is a time when we say, “Here I am, God. Forgive my sin; mold and make me new according to your design.


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