Beautiful Spirit

Dear St. Luke's

I received this e-mail from Verna who spoke to us on behalf of Compassion Canada on the First Sunday in Lent. It introduces a young woman, Kaitlin, whose actions prove that "God's power working in us can do infinitely more that we can ask or imagine." Sadly, Kaitlin died last spring, but her legacy continues. Please read on.


Hi Everyone!  

I just wanted to let everyone know about this exciting news:

This is an excerpt from a letter from my friend, John, who lives in Lethbridge and is involved Compassion Canada and Kaitlin's Legacy:

"Our 7th annual Moja kwa Moja concert begins at 7:30 tonight and while we have some great music again this year, most conversations are surrounding the premiere of “Coming Home” Kaitlin’s song, which has been written in honour of Kaitlin Boyda. The song was arranged for 4 part harmony so that Immanuel Christian High School choir (Kaitlin’s school) will be able to sing it tonight.


The original has been mastered this week in Nashville and will be available for purchase on itunes this Tuesday. Keep an eye out for it and please spread the word with friends and family. All the proceeds will go towards Kaitlin’s Legacy."

For those of you who don't know about Kaitlin Boyda, please see the following webpage:

Kaitlin was a young lady from Lethbridge who had a incurable brain tumor.  When the Children's Wish Foundation approached Kaitlin about her wish, she asked that her money be given to Compassion Canada and used to help Ugandan villages get clean water.  Kaitlin passed away in the spring of 2011, but her "Wish" carries on…….as of December 2011, over 200,000 has been raised to help build wells in Uganda!!!

The song "Coming Home" was written in honor of Kaitlin and, as the above letter states, will be sold on I-tunes as of March 6th with all proceeds going to her Legacy.  

Please help to continue to "Kaitlin's Legacy" by telling others about this amazing, unselfish 18-year-old!!!

If you can't buy the song on I-tunes you CAN help by passing along this story!  

Thank you!  



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