Doors I got to Know – Israel 2012


This is the main door of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in
Jerusalem. Of the 400 or so pictures I took in Israel I think this
just might be my favorite. The church is the traditional site of the
crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

There are six traditional churches that share the building: Roman
Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Armenian Apostolic, Syriac Orthodox,
Egyptian Coptic, and Ethiopian Orthodox. Of the six, the Greek, Roman
Catholic and Armenian Churches are the main players; the Greek
Orthodox Church being the major stake holder out of all of them. They
haven’t always gotten along and used to fight over who kept the key
and who would unlock the door.

Because of the fighting, the family across the courtyard was given the
responsibility of keeping the key by the Ottoman Turks at some point
when they ruled the Holy Land. The responsibility has been handed down
the generations in that family to present day.

Here’s the really interesting part; it’s a Muslim family!

Interesting solution to a frustrating problem.


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