Saturday Sales at St. Luke’s


St. Luke’s Garage Sale  – Saturday, 9 am to 4 pm in the Family Hall. Set up will be this evening. Last chance to clean out your closet.

Craft Sale – Sisters of St. Elizabeth Convent, Belarus –  Saturday starting at 10 am in the church Hall. Handicrafts, pottery, hand painted icons and other religious items created by the Sisters of St. Elizabeth, a community of 96 nuns and hundreds of of volunteers. The sisters conduct these sales abroad to support their works of charity in eastern Europe including a psychiatric hospital and an addictions rehab centre. 

Please excuse the last minute advertising. About a month ago I received a call from Russia asking if we could provide space for a sale table on May 5. I didn’t think it was going to happen as we had not heard anything from them. Lo, and behold, they called this morning and are on their way. I checked this out with Fr. Peter Shashkof in Calgary and he told me that it is completely legitimate and that any support we could give would be greatly appreciated.

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