Holy Land Tour 2014

This coming Sunday, April 28, the will be an informative presentation regarding our next tour to Israel in February 2014. Please join us as we share about our last tour, and look forward to new adventures and faith deepening experiences next year.

From Rev. Noel Wygiera: In the final stage of the Jewish Passover meal, or seder, a song is sung that says “next year in Jerusalem.” It speaks of a longing to return to a homeland that many Jews have never even visited. I know that sounds strange, but I relate to it because my own experience of traveling to the Holy Land was one that felt very much like I was returning to a place I knew in my heart, but had never visited.

I describe my visit to the Holy Land as a game changer for my ministry, and a life changer for me personally… it’s that profound. It’s a great privilege to team up with Leanne Schropfer once again to be able to take followers of Jesus back to the the place where people first started following him. We would love to have you join us, “next year in Jerusalem!”

The presentation will take place in St. Luke’s Church Hall (4929 54 Street, Red Deer) at 2:00 pm this coming Sunday.


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