Help us “Raise the Roof”

St. Luke’s Church building is designated as a Provincial Historic Resource by the Province of Alberta. The building, the exterior of which was constructed of locally quarried sandstone, is a beautiful example of late 19th century neo-gothic architecture. The interior is finished in fir which offers a warm and comforting feeling. The stained glass windows lend to a feeling of other-worldliness and a sense that the ground you are on is holy. St. Luke’s church building is a provincial treasure and a crown jewel among Red Deer’s historic resources.

Please consider helping us with the ongoing work of preservation and restoration that is necessary to maintain a building such as old St. Luke’s. Currently, our most pressing need is the replacement of shingles on the church building, that is why we are appealing to the wider community to help us “Raise the Roof.”

While donations of any amount are appreciated, we have broken the project down into 600 “bundles of shingles” which cost $50 each. If you would like to “buy” a bundle, or two, or more, please contact us at 403-346-3402 or by e-mail at


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