My “One More Thing”

For Lent this year, I determined to do “one more thing” beyond the usual acts of piety that are common in this season that comes before the celebration of the Paschal Mystery, or Easter, as most of us know it. I think I’m a pretty creative person, but most of my deep thoughts never come out of my head, so my “one more thing” is to start writing down the songs and poems and other musings that are born out of my daydreams.

What follows is my first attempt at a sonnet. I have come to appreciate this form after being introduced to the works of Malcolm Guite, an Anglican priest in England. My other inspiration is my daughter Hannah who has a habit of getting her poems and other works published on a regular basis. She doesn’t just think about it…

“Pursued” reflects on the mysteries of life, the cross, and Psalm 139.

If one could run to mountain heights
To hide in shadows of the spires;
To lowest points within the seas,
Or to parched lands consumed with fire
To desert dunes, or Arctic cold
To dark cities’ compelling lights
To false comforts, bought and sold
Or solitude far out of sight.
One’s speed could not outpace;
One’s choice could not undo
The swiftness of consuming grace
And fire of love in creation new.
For all that are made are pursued by the One,
Who’s image we bear; who’s sacrifice is done.

Rev. Noel Wygiera


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