St. Luke’s on the Radio

Yesterday I spoke with the program director at KG Country 95.5 FM. On Thursday morning (tomorrow) they’re going to be doing a promo on behalf of our “Raise the Roof” campaign. They’re sending some poor intern to camp out at the top of the snow mountain off of 67th St. in North Red Deer during the morning show. They will leave him there until they have raised a certain sum of money.

Why not listen in and start the day with a bit of fun? Nobody ever said fund-raising had to be boring. Not sure how much money they’ll raise, but the publicity will be great.


2 thoughts on “St. Luke’s on the Radio

    • What an awesome bunch! I stopped in to meet Intern Dave this morning and gave him a Tim’s card so he could get something to help him thaw out. It was the least we could do.

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