The “Mount Snow-No-More” Adventure

$6000 raised by local radio station!

In the north end of Red Deer, off of 67th Street and Highway 2, is an artificial mountain made of snow removed from city streets over the course of this very long, snow filled winter. One of three such hills in Red Deer (I only know the whereabouts of two of them), it stands ten stories high and contains enough snow to cover several hundred football fields. Dubbed “Mount Snow-No-More” by the morning show crew at KG Country 95.5, it became the focal point for a rather unlikely fundraising adventure benefitting two causes; the Coté family, recently beset by tragedy and in need of the ongoing compassion and kindness of our community, and St. Luke’s “Raise the Roof” campaign for the restoration of our beautiful and much loved church building.

The fundraiser was as simple in concept as it was crazy in scope. Station intern, Dave (affectionately known as Intern Dave), was sent to the top of Mount Snow-No-More and had to stay there until $1000 was raised as listeners called in and pledged money toward the cause. With a bit of creative stalling, Intern Dave was kept at the top of the mountain longer than necessary and, when all was said and done, nearly $6000 was raised and will be shared between the two causes.

A huge thank you to Intern Dave and the morning crew at KG Country.

PS No, that’s not really a picture of Intern Dave at the summit of Mount Snow-No-More!



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