Weddings at St. Luke

St. Luke’s church building is a beautiful place to be married. If you are considering being married in our church, some conditions apply. The following is an excerpt from a document that our parish priest provides for non-members. Please contact Archdeacon Wygiera to discuss your particular situation.


To be married in the Church, at least one of the bride and groom must be a baptized Christian.


I am not generally able to perform weddings for non-members where either (or both) the man and woman have been divorced and the former spouse is still living.


Any weddings performed in the church are subject to my availability. We have many inquiries from people who simply want to rent the building and bring in another minister or a marriage commissioner to perform the wedding. This is not however a service that we offer. The church’s policy is that I have to be responsible for all weddings in our church building.


The following are considerations for both members and non-members:


The Canons of the Church (laws) require that I be be given at least 60 days notice to perform a wedding.


Normally, the wedding will take place inside a consecrated Church building. Outdoor weddings are possible, but in order to perform one I need the permission of my Bishop, and in order to get that I need a very good reason for having for having the wedding outside of the Church building. A place being “special” to a couple is not normally a sufficient reason to have the wedding outdoors.


The couple will be required to take a marriage preparation course. The one I refer people to is done through Family Services of Central Alberta. They have several course opportunities throughout the winter and spring, and it would involve a commitment of a Friday evening and Saturday (all day). The cost of the course is currently  $195 per couple. The sooner you register, the better the choices for dates. You can can go directly to the course information page using this link: Beginnings Marriage Preparation


In addition to the marriage preparation course, the couple would also have to meet with me at least 2 or 3 times in the months prior to the wedding.


There is seating for approxiamately 150 in the church. This is determined by the fire department, not us.


I do not have authority to preside at same-sex weddings.